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Experience that Shows

At Patoko, we offer quality private transportation services across Tirana, Albania at reasonable prices. Our fast, reliable services will get you to your destination without delays or surprises.

Taxis are not for you? We also offer live bus tracking with ETAs on bus stops thanks to our cutting-edge GPS technology.

We know that you love savings - we all do. That's why Patoko shows you where the best deals can be found. From earning loyalty points to free coupons, you'll find a deal you like on Patoko.

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Patoko is a tech company that strives to make an impact on Albania. We are providing you with the best experience, and the lowest costs - it's what you deserve.

We're a small team of passionate individuals on a mission to disrupt the tech world in Albania. Today, we offer taxi, buses, and deals. Keep your eyes peeled on tomorrow. 

We will exceed your expectations.



Our app has hundreds of taxi drivers to ensure that you get a ride instantly, wherever you are. Due to our lean-margin approach, our prices are the most competitive on the market, and our drivers are treated equitably. Our team is made of certified taxi drivers, and each individual has been personally assessed.



Patoko is tracking all buses in Tirana through GPS. This data, mixed with our technical excellence, has allowed us to offer you with live bus tracking on the app, and most importantly, ETAs on bus stops.

All this - for free. Patoko cares about the people of Albania, and we strive to help society. Our user-first approach means that not everything on the app is monetized.



We help you save by offering you exclusive deals and discounts. Some of our merchants offer loyalty points, others offer coupons - all of them offer you value.

Our merchants are provided with a platform on which they can have a voice, and you are provided with the best deals in town - at your fingertips.

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Outstanding Quality

Whether you're a local going to work, or a tourist looking for a ride from the airport, Patoko has a car ready for you.


We are proud of our fleet of Electric Vehicles, which offer the best of both world: a green ride, and a luxurious experience.


Community Partner

Patoko is a proud member of the community - a partner. We give you live bus tracking and bus ETAs.

Why? Because we noticed there was a need for it.

How much will we charge for the service? Nothing. We believe that people should be able to move around town without having to pay.

This is a gift from Patoko - to you.



Discounts, Earnings, and Value

At Patoko, we understand the importance of your time. You're busy, your time is money.

We are building an ecosystem on the basis of offering you value, without a hurdle. Merchants from around town are offering discounts, earnings, and coupons, and we're making them convenient to find and leverage.

Look up your favourite merchant on Patoko, see what deals are ongoing, and pay less.

How does it work? Just get your QR code scanned at the merchant's store, and Patoko will take care of the rest. All Patoko merchants are equipped with a Patoko app that handles their deals, ensuring that everything is covered.

Patoko lives in the cloud, so your deals follow you everywhere. New phone? Login to Patoko and you'll find your points and coupons - no more losing out on value due to a lost card.

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